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Choose the Work Station that best suits your event.
We will offer you a wide variety of styles, shapes, processing materials and colors to choose from to best represent the theme and specificities of your event.

Post-ritual soft drink

A wonderful mobile bar for post-ritual refreshments that will leave your guests without words.
The cart will be set up at the exit of the church and will offer a specialized catering service consisting of: prosecco, soft drinks, scented waters and snacks for your guests.

Welcome drink

What better way to welcome your guests?
In addition to the end of the party, we will also organize a welcome drink in the room chosen for your event.
Our offer offers refined flavors, focused on the introduction of new spices, bonaticals and aromas aimed at satisfying the most sophisticated palates.
With our help you can also create your own signature cocktal list!

Cocktail Party

At the end of the party we will start the cocktail party
We will propose different packages based on your needs and then define together the types of drinks to be served and the ideal quantity based on the information you give us.

Rum & Cigar service

Do you want to add value to your event?
Add the Rum & Cigar extra service to the package to get the best out of your party.
Your guests can enjoy an excellent Rum matching with an excellent cigar and a high quality dark chocolate, the ideal combo to complete the perfect event.

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