We are not only bartenders, we are young professionists



Professionalism and determination! Really good, they determined the success of the event by managing to please everyone, including the most demanding like me! An excellent investment for the success of our wedding!

Giuliana Pennacchio. wedding: 17/06/2017

During our wedding they quickly served high quality cocktails!
Highly recommended!

Fantastic cocktails!

Marica Iacovazzi. wedding: 08/08/2019

There is none for anyone, the best Bar-Catering staff in the area! Rated 10+ for the quality of the products used, the aesthetic appearance of the counters with and without set-up, uniforms and obviously for the cocktails that are something exceptional immediately for the eyes and subsequently for the palate! Highly recommended

Lorenzo Torres

I had a great time with the Joe bar guys, they were super helpful, I didn’t worry about anything, the cocktails were great and the guests also really enjoyed the selection of rums and cigars. Good, beautiful and nice my husband and I recommend them absolutely. Amazing value for money!

Ornella Colamonico wedding : 04/06/2016

Service If you want a fast and high quality refined open bar service Joe Bar is the right choice. Very nice guys, professional, who offer an excellent service and satisfy various needs in terms of cocktails even with original ideas. Highly recommended!


Anna D'onghia · Wedding: 26/09/2020

We chose the cart in front of the church and the open bar for after dinner. All magnificent, from the choice of refreshing drinks to the carefully crafted cocktails. Very professional.

Very nice!

Vito Fasano - wedding: 21/06/2019

Prepared guys who, with special drinks, create your special event. I had the pleasure of organizing the post wedding with Joe Bar. Original cocktails prepared with the highest quality products.



Arianna Pellicani - wedding 13/07/2018

Professional, elegant presentation, availability from all the staff. The guys are good and the product they offer is first choice, suitable for everyone. Excellent quality-price relation.

Damiano Carico .wedding: 25/07/2017

Tradition, training and innovation come together under a single name, Joe Bar.
Joe Bar owes its origins and  values to its founder, Ivano Ippolito alias Joe, who revolutionized the idea of beverage catering in Puglia making it a leading company in the sector, side by side by high-level accommodation and consolidated partnerships with influential brands both locally and nationally.
Joe Bar’s mission is clear: Satisfy the most various tastes by offering refined flavors.
Joe Bar elevates the experience of catering service for important events.
The goal is to offer to the Apulian events sector an impeccable service by offering a selection of refined cocktails, professional bartenders and settings able to meet the highest customer expectation.
Joe Bar is the reference point of  unnumbered events, including weddings; private parties; meetings; exhibitions; tours; concerts; inauguration of shop and start up.
Since 2012 Joe Bar has opened the doors to the Academy, committed to training and promoting young people. Joe Bar Academy, where the competence and experience of professionals in the sector are at the service of those who want to approach a culture made up of knowledge, competence and creativity.

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