“Give me a kiss, tell me “good morning” and bring me a coffee”.

The discovery of coffee dates back to the fourteenth century and today is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

The JOE BAR ACADEMY teaches you to perfectly know everything related to the world of coffee bar.

The theoretical and practical alternation within the course will let you know the history of coffee and each step that allows its realization.

Furthermore,  you will also be able to create designs with milk and operate in the best way with the trade equipment.




The course lasts 20 hours spread over a week, alternating with theory and practice, after which you will take a written exam and a practical one. If successful, you will achieve a certificate of PARTICIPATION and the BOOK OF THE COFFEE BAR.

You will not be released until you’re ready in best way possible to enter the world of work.

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The course is € 240 VAT EXCLUDED.